Grade Appeal Policy

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Effective date
June 6, 2011
Last content update
December 13, 2012


To comply with the Minnesota State system mandate to have a distinct appeal policy for grade appeals.


Grade Appeal

A written claim raised by a student alleging arbitrary or improper assigning of a final course grade by a faculty member. In order to have a right to the entire grade appeal process, a final course grade must be involved and the claim must meet the grounds described in the Grade Appeal Policy.


Retribution of any kind taken against a student for participating or not participating in a grade appeal.


Minnesota State Community and Technical College students may submit a formal grade appeal if they believe that a final course grade is arbitrary, capricious, improper, or in violation of nondiscrimination laws. The student bears the burden of proving that there are sufficient grounds for changing a final course grade. No retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student for appealing a final course grade or participating in a grade appeal.

A student may appeal a course grade on the grounds that:

1. The methods or criteria for evaluating academic performance as stated in the course syllabus or assignment sheet were not actually applied in determining the grade.

2. The instructor applied grading criteria in an arbitrary, capricious, improper, or discriminatory manner, i.e., the evaluation of the student’s academic performance exceeded the reasonable limits of the instructor's discretion.

Grade appeal procedures meet the usual criteria of due process for both students and faculty. These procedures shall not substitute for other grievance procedures specific in board, college, or university policies or procedures, regulations or negotiated agreements, including the faculty member's right to grieve the outcome of a grade appeal. Students wishing to appeal a grade must complete an academic appeal.

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