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Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

What is a graduation rate and what is a transfer-out rate?

Federal regulations specify how to calculate the graduation and transfer rates. The rates come from a study of Minnesota State Community and Technical College (M State) students who started at the college in the fall of 2018. The study includes all first-time students who enrolled full-time that fall and were seeking to earn a degree, diploma or certificate at the college.

  • Graduation Rate - The percentage of these students who graduated from M State within three years.
  • Transfer-Out Rate - The percentage of these students who did not graduate from M State, but instead transferred to another college or university within three years.

What do I need to know about these rates?

These rates do not report on all students at M State. The 727 first-time, full-time students in the study represent about 12 percent of all students enrolled at M State in fall of 2018.

What are the graduation and transfer-out rates for M State students and how do they compare to rates for other colleges?

  • The graduation rate for M State was 44 percent.
  • The transfer-out rate for M State was 47 percent.
  • The combination of the graduation rate and the transfer-out rate for M State was 91 percent.
  • The national average combined rate for similar colleges was 45 percent.

Why don't more M State students graduate or transfer in three years?

  • Since M State has an "open door" mission, many new students need to take "developmental" courses to improve their reading, writing or math skills before taking other college courses;
  • Students who switch from full-time to part-time enrollment or "stop out" for one or more semesters are more likely to take more than three years to graduate;
  • Some students take jobs before they graduate;
  • Other students delay their education for personal, family or financial reasons.
M StateGraduation RateTransfer-Out RateCombined Rate
Total Cohort44%47%91%


Race/Ethnicity                                        Graduation RateTransfer-Out RateCombined Rate
American Indian or Alaska Native***
Black or African American18%71%89%
Hispanic of any race***
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander***
U.S. Nonresident***
Two or more races19%69%89%
Unknown race and ethnicity***


GenderGraduation RateTransfer-Out RateCombined Rate


Financial AidGraduation RateTransfer-Out RateCombined Rate
Pell Grant Recipient39%52%91%
Received neither Pell nor Subsidized Stafford Loans50%41%91%
Received Subsidized Stafford Loans, but no Pell50%42%92%

*Suppressed to protect student privacy. Due to rounding, percentages may not always appear to add up.

Visit Student Right to Know for more information regarding the Student Right-To-Know Act which requires higher education institutions participating in federally funded financial aid programs to publicly disclose specific data and information.

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Student Persistence and Completion

Persistence and Completion

Fall 2016Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2019Fall 2020

Percent Change (end of term fall 2015 through fall 2020): 2.5%

Definition: Percent of fall entering cohort of regular and transfer students who have been retained, graduated, or transferred by the second fall term following original fall enrollment.

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Completion Rate

Completion Rate

Fall 2014Fall 2015Fall 2016Fall 2017Fall 2018

Percent Change (end of term fall 2014 through fall 2018): 4.2%

Definition: Percent of entering cohort of undergraduate regular and transfer students that have completed. Completion is measured as graduation or transfer by the end of the third spring after entry at M State.

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Licensure Exam Pass Rate

Licensure Pass Rate

CY 2015CY 2016CY 2017CY 2018CY 2019

Percent Change (calendar years 2015 through 2019): -1.5%

Definition: Percent of a cohort of students or graduates that passed a state or national licensure examination. This measure is a weighted average pass rate and currently includes three licensing exams: nursing, peace officer and radiography.

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Graduate Placement Rate

Related Employment Rate by Award Type

Related Employment by Award Type

Award Type20172018201920202021

Percent Change (fiscal year 2017 - 2021): AA/AS/AFA 6%, AAS 1%, diploma/certificate 6%, total for all degrees 4%


Continuing Education Rate by Award Type

Continuing Ed by Award Type

Award Type20172018201920202021

Percent Change (fiscal year 2017 - 2021): AA/AS/AFA 8%, AAS -1%, diploma/certificate -7%, total for all degrees 1%


Related Employment by Major

Accounting ClerkDiploma100%100%100%100%100%
Accounting Transfer Pathway (formerly Accounting AS)AS50%67%N/A100%50%
Administrative Assistant - FinanceCertificateN/AN/A100%100%100%
Administrative Assistant - Human ResourcesCertificateN/A100%100%100%100%
Administrative Assistant - LegalCertificateN/AN/A100%  
Administrative SupportDiplomaN/A100%100%100%80%
Advanced HVAC (formerly Commercial Refrigeration)Diploma100%100%100%100%100%
American Sign Language StudiesCertificateN/A67%0%N/AN/A
Architectural DraftingDiploma 100% 100%100%
Architectural Drafting and DesignAAS67%100%100% 100%
Art Transfer Pathway (formerly Visual Arts AFA)AFAN/AN/A100% N/A
Autism Spectrum DisorderCertificateN 100%N/A50%
Automotive Service TechnologyAAS100%100%75%100%100%
Automotive Service TechnologyDiploma100%50%100%100%100%
Biology Transfer Pathway (formerly Biological Sciences AS)AS0%N/AN/AN/AN/A
BusinessAASNN  100%
Business AdministrationAAS100%100%100%N/A67%
Business EntrepreneurshipAAS100%50%N/A100%100%
Business EntrepreneurshipDiploma100%100% 100% 
Business: Marketing and SalesDiploma80%100%100%N/A100%
Business Transfer Pathway (formerly Business AS)AS100%75%N/A100%67%
Cardiovascular Technology InvasiveAAS 100%100%100%100%
ChemistryASN/A N/A  
Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Behavioral Health (formerly Mental Health Behavioral Aide II)Certificate100%50%N/AN/A100%
Cisco NetworkingCertificate100% N/A100%100%
Civil Engineering TechnologyAAS100%100%100%100% 
Computer ProgrammingAAS71%78%100%100%67%
Construction ManagmentAAS100%91%90%100%100%
Correctional OfficerCertificate50% N/A 100%
Cosmetology - North DakotaCertificate  N/A  
Criminal JusticeAS80%70%67%100%71%
Cybersecurity (formerly Network Administration and Security)AAS90%100%100%50%100%
Cybersecurity (formerly Network Security)Certificate 100%100%100%100%
Dental AssistingAAS100%95%100%100%100%
Dental AssistingDiploma85%100%100%100%100%
Dental HygieneAAS89%93%94%100%100%
Design and Engineering Technology (formerly Drafting and 3D Technologies)AAS100%100%71%100%75%
Diesel Equipment TechnologyAAS100%100%93%80%100%
Diesel Equipment TechnologyDiploma 100%   
Digital MarketingAASNN 67%100%
Early ChildhoodCertificateN100%100% 100%
Early Childhood and Paraprofessional EducationAS100%100%67%100%100%
Early Childhood and Education Transfer PathwayASNN  100%
Electrical Lineworker TechnologyAAS92%100%89%100%100%
Electrical Lineworker TechnologyDiploma96%77%81%92%94%
Electrical TechnologyDiploma96%95%98%94%97%
Environmental ScienceAS100%0%   
EstheticianCertificate 100%100%100%100%
Global and Intercultural StudiesCertificateNNNNN/A
Graphic DesignCertificateN/A  100%100%
Graphic Design TechnologyDiplomaN 86%100%100%
Health Information Technology/CodingAAS94%100%93%95%83%
Human ResourcesAAS80%73%92%75%92%
Human ResourcesAS86%89%100%100%100%
HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning TechnologyDiploma100%100%93%100%100%
Individual StudiesAAS N/A 100% 
Information TechnologyAAS100%75%100%88%89%
Information TechnologyAS83%60%100%100%100%
Information Technology - Database AdministrationAAS   100%100%
Liberal Arts and SciencesAA86%92%98%100%94%
Limited Scope RadiographyDiplomaNN 100%100%
Management and Marketing (formerly Business: Management, Marketing and Sales)AAS93%90%96%88%95%
Massage TherapyDiploma100%100%80%100%100%
Medical Administrative AssistantAAS100%70%100%80%100%
Medical AssistantDiploma 100% 100%100%
Medical Coding and InsuranceDiploma77%67%100%60%86%
Medical Laboratory TechnologyAAS 100%75%100%100%
Medical Laboratory TechnologyAS100%50%100%N/A 
Medical Office AssistantDiploma100%N/AN/AN/A0%
Medical ReceptionistDiploma50%100%N/AN/A100%
MusicAFAN/A 0%  
Nail TechnicianCertificate100%100% 100%100%
Payroll SpecialistDiploma100%100%93%100%92%
Phlebotomy TechnicianCertificate100%100%100%100%100%
Plumbing TechnologyDiploma0%100%100%100%100%
Political Science Transfer PathwayAAN N/AN/AN/A
PowerSports TechnologyAASN100%100%100%100%
PowerSports TechnologyDiploma100%100%100%100%100%
PowerSports TechnologyCertificateNN  100%
Practical NursingDiploma96%97%96%100%100%
Psychology Transfer PathwayAA N/A100%N/A50%
Radiologic TechnologyAAS100%100%100%100%100%
Sports ManagementASN  N/A 
Surgical TechnologyAAS100%86%100%100%94%
Survey TechnicianCertificate100%N/A   
Web DesignCertificate50%100%100%100% 
COLLEGE TOTAL 92%91%94%96%95%

2021 data is the most recent publishable data as our graduates have one year to obtain employment prior to our surveying them to gather their employment information.

Definitions: 'N/A' graduates continuing education or not seeking related employment; 'N' program not yet developed.

Additional information for closed programs can be found in the related reports.

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Additional Information

Visit the M State Careers website for more information on career services the college has available for students, alumni and employers.