Tuition Policies and Procedures

Registration cancellation for non-payment

All Minnesota State colleges and universities are required by policy to cancel all registered courses for students who have not met the payment requirements by the tuition and fee due date. Please read the Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment policy for payment options.

Non-attendance does not terminate your registration records or excuse payment obligations. Please ensure registration records accurately reflect your attendance plans. If you are not planning on remaining enrolled in courses you have registered for it is your responsibility to drop those courses.

Dropping courses/refunds

100 percent refund drop period

  • For courses starting the first week of the semester, students must drop a class during the first five instructional days of a semester to avoid being billed for the course.
  • For courses starting after the fifth instructional day of the term, or those less than three weeks in length, students have one business day after the first class session to drop the class to receive a 100 percent reduction in tuition and fees. (Example: If the course starts on a Monday, the student would have until 11:59 pm on Tuesday to drop the course.)

Withdrawing from college
Official withdrawal is defined as terminating enrollment in ALL registered courses for an academic semester. Students who no longer wish to be enrolled must drop their courses via the online registration process and officially withdraw from M State for accurate determination of their financial obligation to the school and to receive a percentage refund/credit in accordance with the schedule below:

Fall and spring semesters
Date of withdrawal -- reduction in tuition and fees
6th through 10th day of the term -- 75 percent reduction in tuition and fees
11th through the 15th day of the term -- 50 percent reduction in tuition and fees
16th through the 20th day of the term -- 25 percent reduction in tuition and fees
21st day and after -- No reduction in tuition and fees allowed

Summer sessions and other terms at least three weeks but less than 10 weeks in length
Date of Withdrawal -- reduction in tuition and fees
6th through the 10th day of the term -- 50 percent reduction in tuition and fees
11th day and after -- No reduction in tuition and fees allowed

Completely withdrawing from courses may reduce financial aid eligibility and result in a balance due.

Refunds/credits of tuition and fees for withdrawal are based on Minnesota State's refund policy.


Tuition reciprocity agreements exist between Minnesota and the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska. Residents of these states and the province of Manitoba are permitted to pay tuition at a rate below the nonresident rate. Reciprocity application forms are available from high school counselors, the campus student services office or on our website under Forms and Links.

Third-party payments

If a third-party agency is providing payment on behalf of a student for the cost of his/her college charges for tuition, fees, textbooks, etc., a written authorization must be provided to M State before the payment due date of each term. Authorizations (vouchers) should be mailed to:

M State Central Accounts Receivable
1900 28th Ave. S.
Moorhead, MN 56560
Phone: 218.299.6509

The third-party authorization is recorded on the student's account, and the college invoices the third party agency. If the third party agency notifies the college that the authorization has been cancelled, the student then becomes financially liable for the charges on his/her account. Funding from third-party agencies is considered financial assistance to the student. Therefore, the authorization amount is included in the student's overall financial aid award package.

Examples of organizations that fund students who attend our college are:

  • Veteran's Educational Benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Job Service ND
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Rural Minnesota CEP

For more information, contact the appropriate agency directly.

Collection process

M State procedures and guidelines for collection activity are in accordance with Minnesota State policy. A structured timetable for collection activities includes the following:

  • Students who have not paid their current semester accounts in full will receive a letter 20 days prior the end of the semester notifying them that, if the account is not paid in full within 20 days, their account will be turned over the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Collection Division.
  • Approximately 30 days after the collection letters are sent, M State will refer delinquent student accounts to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Collection Division.
  • Students who have been turned over to collection will have a hold on their account and will not be able to register or return to classes without making payment in full.

Students who have been referred to Minnesota Department of Revenue, Collection Division, can contact a revenue collection officer regarding their accounts:
Telephone: 651.556.3003 (press 5)