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Apply Online (for all new, returning and international students)

You can take classes at any M State campus, but you need to select a primary campus in order to apply.
Please choose your primary campus:

Detroit Lakes


Complete your acceptance to M State

Congratulations on your decision to apply to M State! Your acceptance to the college is only a few short steps away. For your convenience, we have included a step-by-step admissions checklist to guide you through the rest of the acceptance process.

Please be aware that some programs require a specific program application, which you will also find below. Contact our Solution Center at 877-450-3322 or info@minnesota.edu if you have any questions about your application or admissions status.

Click here for Admissions Checklist Information


Accepted! What are my next steps?

Once you've received confirmation of your acceptance, simply sign up for a registration session where you will be able to create your class schedule and get registered for classes. Dates/times for summer and fall semester registration events will be posted by February 1 each year.


Visiting Student Application

If you are interested in taking less than seven credits at M State and are not seeking a degree, please use the Visiting Student Application. As a visiting student, you are not eligible to receive financial aid, and you are not required to attend a registration event. You will sign up for your courses directly on the Visiting Student Application and will receive a confirmation with your class schedule as soon as it is processed.


International student admissions

An international student is defined as a person who is not a U.S. citizen or U.S. immigrant and is seeking admission to Minnesota State Community and Technical College. Permanent residents, refugees and political asylees only need to complete the general admission process. I-20 forms, authorizing admission into the United States for educational purposes, will be issued when all admission requirements are met and applicants have been accepted to the college. Click here to view and download the International Student Requirements Packet.


PSEO student admissions

M State welcomes high school students who enroll through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program. Success in college depends on how well students adjust to college-level classes and the responsibilities of college attendance. Students interested in attending M State while in high school must complete the PSEO student application for admission and the agreement of understanding. The deadlines for PSEO applications are Aug. 15 for fall semester and Dec. 15 for spring semester.

Click here for all M State PSEO forms.


Dental Hygiene and Assisting Applications

Students interested in the Dental Hygiene or Dental Assisting programs on the M State - Moorhead campus must complete a program application prior to the deadline for the program. Find the current applications under Admissions Forms at www.minnesota.edu/forms.


Electrical Lineworker Admissions

Student interested in enrolling to the M State Electrical Lineworker program must complete the admissions process explained here.


Nursing Applications

Students interested in applying to an M State nursing program must complete the nursing program application prior to the final deadline for each program.

Click here for Nursing Applications.


Operations Management Application

Students interested in enrolling at M State to complete Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses as part of the Operations Management program at Minnesota State University Moorhead must complete the Operations Management Application.


Radiologic Technology Application

Students interested in applying for the M State Radiologic Technology program must complete the Radiologic Technology Application prior to the final deadline for the program. Radiologic Technology students in the online program will have both online and on-campus requirements.


Surgical Technology Application

Students interested in applying for the M State Surgical Technology program must complete the Surgical Technology Application prior to the final deadline for the program.

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