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NURS2447 – Nursing Clinical III pdf

Credits: 4 (0/4/0)
Description: This clinical course provides the professional nursing student with opportunities to manage care for diverse patient populations including care planning delegation, supervision, prioritization and continuity of care. Concepts of evidence-based nursing care and clinical judgment skills, personal identity and behavior, teamwork and collaboration, holism, patient-centered care, safety and quality improvement will be interwoven into patient care.
Prerequisites: BIOL2202
experience as a nursing assistant as guided by the generic ADN application packet if generic student OR LPN if advanced standing student AND current American Heart Association Basic Life Support AND current, clear Minnesota Department of Health criminal b
Corequisites: None
  1. Function competently within professional, ethical and legal frameworks as a member of the interprofessional team.
  2. Recognize that nursing and other health professionals are part of the system of care and care processes that affect outcomes for patients and families.
  3. Manage care for diverse patient populations, integrating planning care, delegation, supervision, prioritization and continuity of care.
  4. Integrate multiple dimensions of patient, family and community dynamics into holistic plan of care.
  5. Use national patient safety resources for own professional development and to focus attention on safety in care settings.
  6. Employ communication technologies to coordinate care for patients.
  7. Communicate observations or concerns related to hazards and errors to patients, families and the health care team.
  8. Follow communication practices that minimize risks associated with handoffs among providers and across transitions in care, incorporating principles of informatics, documentation and ISBARR.
  9. Relate evidence-based practice to include the components of research findings, clinical expertise, and patient and family values.
  10. Evaluate own strengths, limitations and values in functioning as a team member.
  11. Integrate the contributions of others who play a role in helping the patient and/or family achieve health goals.
  12. Examine nursing roles in assuring coordination, integration and continuity of care.
MnTC goal areas: None

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