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2013-14 Scholarship Students:  Beau Krueger, Drakirah Glenn, Lauren Proels and Joel Demmer

2013-14 Scholarship Students: Beau Krueger, Drakirah Glenn, Lauren Proels and Joel Demmer


Current Assets

Total portfolio balance: $4.06 million as of June 30, 2013.

Investment policies and objectives are determined by the Fergus Area College Foundation board of directors and are reviewed annually.

The Foundation manages more than 80 named endowments. Interest on these investments provides funding for scholarships, faculty and staff requests for support, and special events such as theannual Bigwood Lecture in April.

Unrestricted gifts to the Foundation provide for daily Foundation operations as well additional scholarship funding, support to athletics and music, the annual Scholarship Reception and commencement.


Operating Budget

Fergus Area College Foundation operates on a $72,000 annual budget for wages, communications, travel, promotions, insurance, audit and other regular expenses.

Funding sources for operations include:

Up to a 1.5 percent management fee is assessed on all restricted donations.

Unrestricted gifts provide for the majority of the annual Foundation budget and also for scholarships, support to athletics, faculty and staff requests for support, and special events such as the scholarship reception, the annual Bigwood Lecture and commencement.


Giving the Gift of Opportunity to M State - Fergus Falls Campus

The Foundation provides a solid legacy of support for M State - Fergus Falls Campus. For nearly 50 years, our mission has been to "encourage the development and improvement of the college, its faculty and staff and its facilities."

47 years of support to the M State - Fergus Falls Campus

15 volunteer board members who enthusiastically advocate on behalf of the Fergus Falls campus (10 of our current board members are M State alumni)

400+ individuals, businesses and alumni who annually donate to enhance the Foundation's impact


Opportunities Provided


The Foundation has assisted more than 2,200 students with scholarship funds. More than $135,000 in scholarships is annually awarded to more than 100 Fergus Falls campus students.


Annually fund up to $12,000 in grants for creative teaching and other projects that add value to the student experience:

* Sponsored exhibit and workshop by FF alumnus, currently a professor of ceramics at West Virginia University

* Purchased classroom equipment: skull casts for general biology classes, plant and cell models for "hands on" learning, iPads for nursing program clinicals

* Facilitate travel for music and art students to visit Twin Cities art museums and theaters

* Provide updated technology equipment for the Disability Services office


* Updated nursing labs that serve more than 100 students per year

* Funding for campus arts and athletics programs

* Commissioned the design and painting of the circular frieze in Legacy Hall

* Renovated and painted softball dugouts

* Continue to purchase original works of art to enhance the more than 400 piece college art collection

* Fund gym floor logo and new scoreboard

* Sponsor annual campus events including: Scholarship Reception and Bigwood Lecture

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