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The Wadena Area College Foundation is organized on behalf of the Wadena campus of Minnesota State Community and Technical College to operate exclusively for the campus's development and for the assistance of worthy individuals in attending M State - Wadena Campus. The foundation operates exclusively for charitable, educational, literary and scientific purposes in developing the programs of the Wadena campus and its students.

It is the hope of the Foundation that we can raise awareness of the importance of an education through M State - Wadena Campus and promote the programs offered by the campus.



The Wadena Area College Foundation is comprised of dedicated individuals with a vision of growth and success for the Wadena campus of M State, its students and programs.

April 2007 was the sign of change and progress as the College looked to develop an active board of directors for a newly established foundation. The goal was to help support the financial burden of its students as well as raise awareness of the value of M State within Wadena and surrounding communities.

As spring began, the task of recruiting a well-rounded board of directors began. Reaching the goal of 12 initial board members, with the potential of increasing the number to a full board of 18, proved to be an exciting challenge. By August, a group of individuals from all walks of life met for the first time to set goals and move the Wadena Area College Foundation on its way.

Entering into the first year of establishment, the Wadena Area College Foundation took part in a variety of activities to gain recognition on the campus. The enthusiasm of the college grew as the first donation to the foundation came in the form of a golf putter which brought in funds through a "putt off" held by the faculty and staff. Additionally, a group of volunteers took part in a bike ride to welcome Robert Erickson, a former Minnesota State Colleges and Universities trustee, as he traveled from college to college across Minnesota raising money for part-time college students. Then in November, the First Annual Faculty Staff Campaign brought in $5,110 with about 50 percent participation from staff and faculty.

The current Board of Directors includes three committees working toward varying projects. Through the committees, the board will remain active in fundraising, build scholarships, recruit additional board members and work on public relations to increase the awareness of M State - Wadena Campus. As the interest grows so will the vision of the foundation.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Wadena Area College Foundation, contact Chief Development and Alumni Officer Denise Laymon at 218-846-3720 or the the office of M State President Peggy Kennedy at 218-736-1502.


Mission Statement

The Wadena Area College Foundation Mission is to provide support to our students and programs through financial scholarships and donations.

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