Explore your passion for performance and technical theatre with theatre courses and live stage productions at M State.

Theatre courses and performance opportunities at M State offer students the chance to explore their talents and expand their skills on both sides of the curtain, onstage and off. 

Costume elements sit on a shelf in front of a lighted mirror backstage at the Waage TheatreCourses in performance, technical and musical theatre, in addition to theatre production labs, provide students with a broad foundational knowledge of the theatre field. Students are able to directly apply what they learn in these courses by participating in one or more live theatrical productions. M State holds twice-yearly student productions, one in spring and one in fall.

Theatre students work independently and collaboratively in a creative environment. They watch and learn about various theatrical works, genres, authors, terminology and technical skills, examining what they've learned through the lenses of history, culture and society. Students involved in productions participate as performers, designers, makeup artists and more.

Theatre courses are offered online and on M State's Fergus Falls campus, and performances are held at the Waage Theater in Fergus Falls.

Theatre courses include:

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Introduction to Theatre

Everything you need to know about theatre: Its history, its artistic and technical elements, the roles of theatre artists and technicians, how it's changed and more. No prior theatre experience is necessary to enroll in this 3-credit overview course. 

Theatre Lab

Audition, accept a role and participate as a performer in an approved theatrical production for this 2-credit course. The course may be repeated twice, and students may enroll after audition dates. 


Participate as a production crew member and/or run crew member of an approved theatrical production to learn the various technical aspects of putting on a show, including set construction and props, lighting and sound, makeup and costuming, stage management, etc. Students do not need prior experience to enroll in this 2-credit course, but skills with tools or an interest in building is beneficial. Students can arrange their hours with the director after they have enrolled, and may repeat the course twice.

Stage Makeup

Explore the fundamental design principles, materials and application techniques of stage makeup. Students research, plan and design face plots and apply stage makeup, beginning with the basics and progressing to more advanced projects including aging, special effects, Kabuki, animal and fantasy. Work culminates with a final project and final portfolio.