Medical Receptionist

M State's Medical Receptionist diploma program prepares you to fill an essential administrative role on a health care team.



WDS iconM State's Medical Receptionist program prepares students to work in a medical office setting, where medical receptionists greet patients, arrange appointments and provide informational services to patients. They possess excellent communication and technology skills.

This position requires an excellent command of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, as well as expertise in medical office procedures.

The 34-credit diploma is offered online.

Here is what you'll learn

  • Appointment schedule management
  • Patient registration procedures
  • Electronic health care record (EHR)preparation and management
  • Health insurance and medical billing procedures
  • Practice management systems and Microsoft Office applications
  • Law, ethics and confidentiality in the health care setting
  • Communication using the language of medicine
  • Interpersonal skills for a health care setting
  • Structure and function of the human body in health and disease states
  • Critical thinking and organizational skills


Technology requirements