Fire Service Preparation

Interested in serving your community through a career in fire service? M State's training prepares you to meet minimum national and state firefighter qualifications.

Our 30-credit Fire Service Preparation certificate program encompasses entry-level requirements for firefighters in Minnesota and nationwide. You'll benefit from technical hands-on training in basic firefighting skills, and your training will ensure you're familiar with all entry-level aspects of fire service.

When you've completed the program, you'll be able to meet national testing requirements for emergency medical technician, International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and ProBoard.

You'll be eligible for the State of Minnesota firefighter license after employment with a career fire department.

Here's what you'll learn

  • Safe response to emergency incidents
  • Proper use of fire department communication equipment
  • Proper ventilation techniques
  • Extinguishing methods for various classes of fires
  • Effects of building construction features on firefighting activities
  • Techniques for rescuing individuals from vehicles, collapsed structures and confined spaces
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Decontamination techniques for emergency personnel, victims and equipment
  • Basic lifesaving skills
  • Proper procedures during a commercial inspection
  • Researching fire codes and fire statistics
  • Preservation of evidence after a fire to aid in an investigation
  • Basic components of fire detection and fire suppression systems
  • Competencies related to written exams, physical agility tests and verbal interviews
  • Identification of hazardous materials