Office 365 and Outlook Email for Students

January 8, 2019

Office 365 Applications and Outlook Email for Students

Student email accounts are created in Outlook within 24 hours after a student enrolls in classes. 

To access your M State student Outlook email: 

  1. Log into SpartanNet with your StarID and password. 
  2. Select "Email and Office 365." 
  3. Log in with The password is your StarID password. 

To update your StarID password, visit

To access Office 365 applications (OneDrive, Word, Excel, SharePoint):

The first two minutes of this video will walk you through the Office install. Click Here otherwise step by step instructions below

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with The password is your StarID password. 
  3. Once logged in, click on Install Office Apps and run. This will walk you through how to download all of the applications to your laptop or PC. 

The format of your Outlook student email account will be: All M State correspondence will be sent to this email address once you are enrolled in classes.