M State invites everyone to 'Choose Kindness'

February 11, 2021

M State is inviting its students and its four campus communities to “Choose Kindness” and bring joy to others during a week-long event in February.

Inspired by the national Random Acts of Kindness Day, M State’s Choose Kindness campaign runs from Feb. 16-19 and encourages people to “bring joy to others for no other reason than ‘just because,’” said Angela Mathers, dean of academic support at M State.

“For reasons ranging from the pandemic to racial reckoning, this year has been incredibly difficult,” Mathers said. “Yet in the midst of all these complex challenges, our students continue to make sacrifices to be here with us every single day. This week is about supporting their resilience, encouraging them and bringing joy through random acts of kindness.”

Community members who want to “Choose Kindness” are invited to visit the college website for kindness ideas. Large or small, organizers are hoping kindness is contagious and spreads beyond M State’s campuses and into the communities.

While all acts of kindness are encouraged, M State is sharing daily ideas:

  • Tuesday: Send an encouraging text to someone you know.
  • Wednesday: Be creative, anything kind counts!
  • Thursday: Take 15 minutes to do something you love and be kind to yourself.
  • Friday: Talk to a classmate you’ve never talked to before.

In conjunction with Choose Kindness, the college’s two foundations, Fergus Area College Foundation and M State Foundation, are encouraging donations to their crisis funds that support students who experience an emergency. (On the FACF site, list student emergency funding in the Note section.)

Each time an M State student does an act of kindness, they’ll be encouraged to share their efforts with organizers via social media. Scheel’s has kindly donated prizes, which will be shared with participants in pairs (to encourage sharing, of course) in a random drawing.

The first Random Acts of Kindness Day nationally was in 1995