M State students advance to national BPA competition

M State BPA competition participants included (left to right): Brienna Carlson, Adam Lauinger, Brock Ferebee, program advisor Nancy Stigen, Mikayla Sailer, Mickothma Rai and June Stine. M State hosted the awards ceremony at the Fargo Plane Museum.

Eight Minnesota State Community and Technical College students now advance to the national Business Professionals of America competition after winning 25 top awards in the BPA state competition.

The eight are all students on M State’s Moorhead campus, which hosted the state contest on Feb. 22-23. A total of 86 students competed.

M State students who placed in the top five in their events are:

Brienna Carlson of Moorhead: 1st in Integrated Office, 2nd in Word Processing, 3rd in Fundamental Spreadsheets, 5th in Personal Finance

Andrea Evert of Harwood, N.D.: 2nd in Personal Finance, 3rd in College Accounting, 5th in Fundamental Spreadsheets

Brock Ferebee of Moorhead: 1st in Parliamentary Procedure, 2nd in Contemporary Issues, 5th in Management, Marketing and Human Resources

Mickyothma Rai of Fargo: 5th in College Accounting, 5th in Managerial Accounting

Mikayla Sailer of Moorhead: 1st in Digital Publishing, 1st in Graphic Promotions, 2nd in Trading Pin

June Stine of Fargo: 3rd in Administrative Support Concepts, 3rd in C++ Programming, 4th in Information Technology Concepts, 5th in SQL Database

Claudio Urrabazzo III of Moorhead: 5th in Financial Math

Isaac Wiinanen of Hawley: 2nd in Financial Analyst Team and 3rd in Management, Marketing and Human Resources

The national BPA Leadership Conference will be May 9-13 in Dallas. The M State BPA advisor is accounting instructor Nancy Stigen

Posted in News on March 15, 2018 at 9:33 am