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TRDR1103 – Commercial Driver's License II pdf

Credits: 1 (0/1/0)
Description: The students will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to complete a pre-trip inspection, vehicle handling and on-road driving test needed to obtain the basic Commercial Drivers License. Students must possess a CDL learner permit and have taken a MnDOT physical before registering for this course.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of MnDOT CDL learner permit.
Corequisites: None
  1. Back the truck with trailer at a 40-degree angle.
  2. Back the truck with trailer between established boundaries.
  3. Back the truck with trailer in a straight line for 100 feet using only mirrors.
  4. Complete a pre-trip inspection on the truck/trailer.
  5. Complete a visual search on the truck/trailer.
  6. Demonstrate defensive driving techniques with the truck/trailer.
  7. Maintain control of the truck/trailer on public roads.
MnTC goal areas: None

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