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SURT1220 – Surgical Technology II pdf

Credits: 5 (2/3/0)
Description: This course expands the student's knowledge of the role of the surgical technologist in the operating room. The course considers procedures of the musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, otic and ophthalmic systems, building on the foundation of patient care relating to these body systems in the different perioperative phases.
Prerequisites: SURT1210
Corequisites: SURT1215
  1. Identify basic principles of electrical current.
  2. Identify and describe general pathophysiological concepts of cells, tumors, infection and disease that disrupt homeostasis.
  3. Define and identify diseases/disorders of each body system, include diagnostic tests used for identification of the disease/disorder.
  4. Describe and identify herniations of the body wall and define surgical repair.
  5. Interpret the responsibilities of risk management in the care of the surgical patient.
  6. Identify and describe wound classifications and surgical care.
  7. Apply safety considerations for use with electrocautery in surgery.
  8. Explain and demonstrate urinary catheterization.
  9. Describe the sequence of opening and closing surgical wounds.
  10. Determine proper use of preference or pick lists.
  11. Differentiate instrumentation, equipment and supplies needed for surgical specialties.
  12. Identify appropriate prep solutions and prepping techniques for a variety of surgical procedures.
  13. Identify appropriate sponges, dressing and packing for a variety of surgical procedures.
  14. Identify appropriate catheters, drains and tubes for a variety of surgical procedures.
  15. Demonstrate basic care and handling of suture, stapling or gluing materials.
  16. Identify endoscopic instrumentation and operative procedures.
MnTC goal areas: None

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