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SURT1210 – Surgical Technology I pdf

Credits: 6 (3/3/0)
Description: This course introduces the student to the role of the surgical technologist in the operating room and introduces the foundation for patient care in the operating room.
Prerequisites: Acceptance into Surgical Technology program
Corequisites: SURT1200
  1. Identify principles of asepsis and infection control.
  2. Describe basic safety concepts.
  3. Describe the time-out procedure for surgical patients.
  4. Explore perioperative phases: preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative, recovery.
  5. Explain standards of care in the operating room.
  6. Name and describe body planes, and demonstrate knowledge of body organization and terms of reference.
  7. Identify types of tissues that make up organs and the characteristics of each.
  8. Describe organs of the body and identify the components of different tissues and body systems.
  9. Explain preoperative preparation of the surgical patient.
  10. Identify types of equipment used in modern operating rooms.
  11. Identify basic surgical instruments by type, function, preparation and name.
  12. Define medical terminology and abbreviations used in surgery, including international time.
  13. Demonstrate principles of asepsis and infection control.
  14. Demonstrate transfer, preparation and positioning of surgical patients for a variety of procedures.
  15. Demonstrate methods and techniques used for sterilization, sanitation and disinfection of equipment and the operating room environment.
  16. Perform time-out procedures correctly.
  17. Identify and apply basic principles of physics to safe patient care.
  18. Identify materials and demonstrate proper techniques of draping.
  19. Demonstrate standards of care in the operating room.
  20. Demonstrate preparation of supplies and instruments, while maintaining surgical asepsis.
  21. Demonstrate care, handling and assembly of surgical instruments.
  22. Properly perform set up of operating room equipment, supplies and instruments.
  23. Demonstrate basic care and handling of special equipment utilized in the operating room.
MnTC goal areas: None

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