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MUSC1185 – Private Music Composition Lessons pdf

Credits: 1 (1/0/0)
Description: Meets MnTC Goal 6. Individual music composition and advanced theory discussion and lessons are offered, subject to instructor availability. Students should contact the music department to arrange instruction. There is an additional fee, and the course may be repeated for credit.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
  1. Create and develop a series of musical ideas using historical, contemporary and new musical idioms.
  2. Demonstrate the creation or ongoing development of a personal compositional voice and style.
  3. Understand and practice accepted notation systems and scoring for solo, small and large ensembles.
  4. Demonstrate a familiarity and appreciation of post-1950 art and concert music.
  5. Articulate one's own compositional intentions and methods to other's using appropriate musical language.
  6. Analyze methods of musical composition in other composers' works and possible applications of those methods.
MnTC goal areas:
  • 6. The Humanities and Fine Arts

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