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CULN2000 – Kitchen Supervision, Management and Training pdf

Credits: 6 (1/5/0)
Description: This course will introduce the student to a variety of management styles and supervision techniques. Students will apply management styles and supervision skills in a live working culinary lab. The course also includes application of learned skills in the areas of evaluating production needs, staffing and training, purchasing and storeroom operations.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
  1. Demonstrate leadership, teamwork and professionalism.
  2. Demonstrate fundamental culinary skills, leadership and guidance.
  3. Exhibit safety and sanitation standards.
  4. Monitor and oversee proper safety and sanitation standards in labs.
  5. Discuss a variety of management types, styles and hiring techniques.
  6. Evaluate and review the application of management decisions and supervisory styles applied in labs.
  7. Identify, evaluate and solve lab production and supervision issues and problems.
  8. Discuss management, supervision and training best practices.
  9. Research recipes and produce weekly menus within set criteria of the course.
  10. Conduct weekly production meetings with instructors and student supervisors.
  11. Complete daily production sheets for designated lab.
  12. Organize and communicate daily lab production to students in designated lab.
  13. Oversee lab production and employ a variety of management, supervision and training techniques.
  14. Evaluate completed food product and practical skills applied during production.
  15. Determine and incorporate force issue items and leftovers.
  16. Demonstrate proper receiving and storage procedures.
  17. Evaluate and manage food product inventory.
  18. Determine cost of food and food cost percent.
  19. Determine current food product level, forecast future needs and order ingredients required for production.
MnTC goal areas: None

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