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ADMS1140 – Administrative Office Professional Internship I pdf

Credits: 2 (0/0/2)
Description: This course provides entry-level office support experience for students in their last semester of the ADMS diploma program. Each internship is individualized, and a training plan is created with each training site, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a business setting.
Prerequisites: per instructor's approval
Corequisites: None
  1. Practice and apply critical workplace skills including personal responsibility, initiative, dependability and punctuality.
  2. Develop and apply effective work habits regarding customer service, time management, organization and commitment to company.
  3. Interpret and assume responsibility to follow oral and written instructions as given.
  4. Select correct mode of delivery and use positive, effective communication skills in all venues to include oral, written, listening, social media and other technologies to communicate.
  5. Demonstrate professional business etiquette, ethics, confidentiality, attitudes and demeanors as required in business settings.
  6. Demonstrate and evaluate efficiency and proficiency when using technology.
MnTC goal areas: None

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