Applying for Financial Aid

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Types of Federal Student Aid


Applying for financial aid?

Apply for financial aid as soon as possible and before JULY 1 for priority processing.

  1. Create your Federal Student Aid ID and complete your FAFSA to apply for financial aid. Remember that M State's FAFSA code is 005541.
  2. Take a look at your financial aid options, including the types of financial aid you can get, how to qualify for financial aid and how to apply. Remember, loans need to be repaid, but grants and scholarships do not.
  3. Respond to all requests for information from the college at SpartanNet>E-Services>Financial Aid>Aid Application Status.
  4. Review your award letter in your E-Services account at SpartanNet>E-Services>Financial Aid>Award Letter. Apply for Federal Direct Student Loans at SpartanNet>E-Services>Financial Aid>Loans.
  5. Complete the requirements for obtaining loan funding, including the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Loan Counseling.


Add M State to your completed FAFSA

If you complete your financial aid file at another school and later decide to attend M State during that same year, you must also complete your financial aid file at M State. Financial aid does not transfer from one institution to another. To get your financial aid process started at M State, you must add the 005541 school code to your processed FAFSA. To process the change electronically:

  • Log in with your FSA ID or request forgotten user id or password
  • Select Make Correction
  • Add M State school code 005541

If you attend a college after July 1 and then transfer to M State, you will need to complete a Verification of Enrollment form and may be required to obtain a transcript from the college you are transferring from. You will also be required to cancel any further financial aid that was awarded by that college. You will receive an email with directions to access necessary forms within two weeks from adding M State to your FAFSA.

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