Veterans' Funding

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Veterans Funding

Veterans educational benefits may be available to veterans and, in some instances, spouses or dependents of veterans. M State hosts interactive website for veterans and their families

A partnership between M State, Minnesota Online and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs has created MyMilitaryEducation.Org to provide a one-stop site with information about educational opportunities and benefits for military personnel and their families.

An M State distance credentialed counselor and a team of online advisers work to provide real-time, interactive assistance. Veterans and their families can also call the center at (800) 456-8519 for information. The center provides information and assistance for veterans interested in attending any college or university in Minnesota.

Veterans Benefit Information

New students who have not previously used the GI BillĀ® must complete an application for benefits VA form 22-1990. If you are applying for benefits based on your active duty service, a certified copy of your DD 214 must be submitted. If you are applying for benefits based on your service in the Guard or Reserve, a copy of your Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) must be submitted. New students who are receiving benefits based on a parent's or spouse's service must complete VA form 22-5490. These forms are on the VA website.

New students who are transferring their veterans benefits must complete a Change of Place of Training VA Form 22-1995. All students must go to the link GI Bill Sign-Up and complete the on-line form.

Processing of veterans benefits is a timely process (usually taking weeks). If you do not believe you will receive your benefits prior to the beginning of the term, please contact your campus business office to complete a deferment/payment plan.

Additional Financial Assistance for Veterans

MyMilitary GPS LifePlan is a comprehensive website where service members and veterans can explore options for funding their college education based on their military service. The site includes information about financial aid, scholarships, education benefits and tax-related benefits. provides information about using both military education benefits and how veteran status is defined for student aid purposes.


Veteran Benefits Sign-Up Form

This form must be received by M State 30 days before the beginning of the term.