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Concurrent Enrollment Team

The M State concurrent enrollment team is committed to serving all of the program's stakeholders with integrity and respect. We value our partnerships with high schools and serving students together.


P20 Collaboration Manager

Megan Adamczyk



Megan manages all of M State's K12 programs, including the Concurrent Enrollment Program and eCampus in the High School. Megan is the point of contact for day-to-day operations. Contact Megan for general information about M State's Concurrent Enrollment Program, or schedule a time for her to come to your high school to present information on K12 programs to teachers, counselors, administration and/or students and parents.


Dual Credit Academic Advisor/K12 Success Coach

Erin Warren



Erin assists high school partners in the admission process and provides academic, career and transfer advising. She also makes sure retention strategies are in place for dual credit students and secondary students in collaborative programs. All student waivers and appeals should also be sent to Erin.


Associate Registrar

Brenda Kava



Brenda has worked for M State since 2002 as a resource specialist, in financial aid and admissions, and now as the associate registrar. She says it's rewarding to assist students in preparing for their post-secondary education. Brenda registers concurrent students and enters grades.


Administrative Assistant to AVP of Academics

Katie Tysdal



Katie works directly with the associate vice president of academics and M State's K12 collaboration manager to ensure the success of K12 programming. She assists with communications to our partner high schools, course planning, registration, assigning faculty mentors and the new teacher application process.


College Admissions/Resource Specialist

Krista Shaikoski



Krista has worked for M State since 2011 in admissions and the Support Center. She processes all applications and transcripts for concurrent and eCampus in the High School students. Once the Accuplacer assessment is completed, she evaluates scores and completes students' acceptance.

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