Corey Knauss

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I had a 21-year profession as a massage therapist, and unfortunately my body could not keep up with the work. I chose M State Detroit Lakes (for my nursing degree) after researching courses and costs from a number of schools. The drive through the winters from (my home in) Moorhead to Detroit Lakes got old, but the education – not only the classes but also the practical experience – was greatly worth it. I was working full time and had a child on the way. This was probably not the most effective way to go through the nursing program, but I was lucky enough to have Cindy Moore and Angie Mohr as instructors and friends. They knew how to motivate you and prepare you for what has been a short yet amazing career. Our class was definitely prepared for the dreaded NCLEX licensure exam, and we nailed it as a whole. I earned my RN degree in December 2016 and started at Eventide Fargo in March. I chose long-term care due to having great clinical experiences in Frazee under the amazing guidance of Cindy Moore. What I enjoy most about long-term care is relationship-building with the residents, their families and the providers. I love where I am at!

In March 2019, Knauss received the Caregiver Award from the North Dakota Long Term Care Association following his nomination by families that he serves in his job as charge nurse at Eventide Fargo. Read Less