Kelly Bischof

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I am positive that all the courses I am taking and experience I am getting at M State will help me tremendously when I start actively looking for a job again in the near future. I actually have a BA in Contemporary Media and Journalism from the University of South Dakota. I graduated in 1999 and worked for several years in various aspects of public relations, but for the past 12 years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. In that time, advances in social media and internet technology have changed the field tremendously. I knew that before I could head back to work, I would have to head back to school, which is how I ended up at M State. It has been great to re-learn aspects of advertising and promotion from a 2019 perspective, taking into consideration how much social media and digital media have changed marketing overall. I am also really enjoying my courses in social media management, and I know I am learning things I will use in the workforce from day one. Read Less