LPN Principles of Intravenous Therapy

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LPN Principles of Intravenous Therapy

This 34 hour course (30 hours of theory online and 4-hour skills lab) builds on basic intravenous (IV) theory and skills. The role of the practical nurse in IV therapy is integrated throughout the course. This course offers the students an opportunity to apply advanced intravenous therapy to practice as it relates to management of selected components, including the safe administration of intravenous fluids and medications. This course meets the requirements for the North Dakota Board of Nursing IV therapy rules and regulations for the Licensed Practical Nurse.

Students must purchase the required textbook: Gorski, L. (2018): Phillips's Manual of I.V. Therapeutics: Evidence-Based Practice for Infusion Therapy (7th Edition). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis

If you have questions, contact Denice Brewer by email at denice.brewer@minnesota.edu or by phone at 218-299-6576.

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