When I first entered M State, I was unhappy with my life, working a job to make ends meet and dragged down with the responsibilities of being a single mother. I wanted more with my life, and I wanted more for my daughter. I decided that I would try and at least walk into the school and see what, if any, options I had. Read More

Initially I planned to pursue a degree in nursing, but after completing my CNA certification I realized that hands-on medical care was not the right fit for me. After doing a bit of research, I discovered M state offered a Medical Administrative Assistant program and thought that would suit me perfectly. Read More

My academic journey was never the easiest. I always struggled … so I didn’t know if college was for me. After being put on academic probation at three colleges, I decided that I needed a break from college and started looking for a job instead. Read More

I had a 21-year profession as a massage therapist, and unfortunately my body could not keep up with the work. I chose M State Detroit Lakes (for my nursing degree) after researching courses and costs from a number of schools. Read More

I enrolled at M State due to the list of programs available. I enjoyed being able to talk to the instructors before signing up for a program. Read More

I am positive that all the courses I am taking and experience I am getting at M State will help me tremendously when I start actively looking for a job again in the near future. Read More

Education and learning encouraged me to enroll at M State. I chose Liberal Arts and Science as my degree because I wanted to take some inspiring classes like philosophy, leadership, public speaking, religion and humanities. Read More

Thank you to M State and the magnificent staff for making my dreams come true, even if I didn’t know of those dreams at the time. Read More

I knew several people who went through the nursing program in Fergus Falls, and I really appreciated the opportunity to go through an affordable two-year RN program. Read More
I chose M State because I don’t learn well in bigger classrooms. I have a harder time asking for help when I can’t get the one-on-one help that I need from a teacher. I knew that being in smaller classrooms would help me not feel so overwhelmed. Plus it’s close to home! Read More
M State has guided me onto great paths that I never saw myself taking. I have gotten to meet so many great people at cyber security conferences and participated as an alternate at the College Cyber Defense Competition. Read More
M State allowed me to absorb the concepts and skills required for my profession. I was provided with opportunities to practice what I had learned through real-life applications, including an internship with a commercial design- build company. Read More
I chose the Cardiovascular Technology program because I wanted to help people and be in the medical field. Read More
I chose M State after researching and contacting many different online colleges that offered an HIT program that would allow me to sit for the AHIMA RHIT and CCS certifications. You can do anything you want to do. All you have to do is take the first step. Read More
Easily the best decision I made in my college career was going to M State. I was able to stay ahead of my bills and pay for tuition along the way, so now I have very little debt. Read More
I chose M State’s Equine Science program because it is so hands-on and a very well-rounded program that touches on everything in the equine industry. Read More
I went to M State for Construction Management and had a job lined up before I left college. My current title is project manager/estimator, and I work for Amerect Inc. Read More
M State instructors are awesome. All of my instructors genuinely care about each student’s success. M State’s faculty is one-of-a-kind. Read More