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STEP 1 - Activate your StarID

What is a StarID?

A StarID is a unique username that can be used at any Minnesota State college and will give you access to M State resources, including the online library and SpartanNet.

How do I activate my StarID?

Step 1: Go to the Minnesota State StarID website. Click on "Activate StarID" and then "Personal Email Address." Enter the same personal email to active your StarID as the email entered when you applied to M State. Click "continue."

Step 2: Go to your personal email and copy the verification code. The code is valid for one hour and can be used only once.

Step 3: Go back to the Minnesota State StarID website, click on "Activate StarID" and "Verification Code." Copy and paste the verification code or enter it manually and a StarID will be generated.

Step 4: Create a new password. Passwords must contain at least three of the following features: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.


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