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Who is eligible to take concurrent classes?

High school seniors must have a 2.8 GPA, and junior students must have a 3.2 GPA to be eligible to apply to the Concurrent Enrollment Program.


How are students placed in appropriate-level courses?

M State uses the web-based Accuplacer assessment test and ACT scores to place students in appropriate-level coursework. Every student who would like to enroll in a concurrent course must complete the Accuplacer test, unless he or she has a qualifying ACT score in math (22 or higher) and reading (21 or higher). Find out more about the Accuplacer process and applying to M State's Concurrent Enrollment Program.


What courses can be offered for concurrent credit?

Almost any M State course may be considered to meet the curriculum needs of a partner high school's students, dependent on the credentialing of the high school's teachers. A list of common concurrent courses and course outlines can be found on the Concurrent Courses webpage as well as information on Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).


What are the qualifications for a high school instructor to teach concurrent courses?

High school teachers interested in applying to teach concurrent courses are considered independently, but a minimum of a master's degree in discipline or a masters degree with 18 graduate credits in the specific field they want to teach is preferred. Visit the New Teacher Application section for more information on the application process, concurrent instructor responsibilities and continuing education opportunities.


Are concurrent students held to college-level standards and expectations?

YES! M State concurrent students are earning college credit and will be held to the same standards and expectations as students in classes taught on our college campuses. All concurrent students should know what these expectations are by reading the Student Agreement of Understanding.


How can my high school partner with M State to offer concurrent courses?

Contact M State K12 Collaboration Manager Megan Adamczyk at to learn more about the benefits of this program and the steps to becoming a partner high school.

Last modified: July 24th, 2018 at 02:03pm