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Fergus Falls
(218) 736-1598

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I was a chemistry major, math minor and missions minor in my undergraduate studies at Houghton College in Houghton, N.Y., where I earned a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. I did graduate studies in analytical chemistry and teaching chemistry at Northeastern University in Boston, where I received my master's degree in chemistry.

I love teaching and have experience at both the high school and college levels. I began teaching chemistry online at M State in the spring of 2006. My "home base" is Fergus Falls, but I teach from home for eCampus.

I have six active kiddos (Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Sarah, Joshua and Elizabeth) and a very patient husband, Adam.

I love chemistry, but I don't expect students to. I will support you all that I can so you succeed in my course. I want you to leave my course saying, "I can do chemistry." If you also say, "I love chemistry," that is a great bonus.

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