High School Instructor Responsibilities

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High School Instructor Responsibilities

High school teachers will:

• Work with their faculty mentor to create a syllabus that meets all of M State's CEP syllabus requirements, for every course taught. A syllabus template and checklist with these requirements, as well as a sample syllabus, are provided.

• Instructors will distribute the approved syllabus to their students. Instructors are also encouraged to have students sign the syllabus to further ensure that students have read and understand their responsibilities.

• Comply with M State's course competencies.

• Work with their mentor to select a textbook that reflects current information relevant to the discipline. The high school is responsible for the purchasing of course textbooks.

• Meet with M State faculty mentor:

For new class, new instructor or new mentor, six meetings are required. At least one planning meeting between the mentor and high school instructor (which includes new instructor orientation) must occur prior to the start of the semester. At least two in-person classroom observations will occur and one follow-up meeting. Mentors will record their observations and recommendations, which are submitted and reviewed by M State's associate vice president of academic affairs (AVP).

Repeat course offerings with the same instructor and mentor are required to have three meetings. At least one of these meetings will be a classroom observation.

• Respond to communications from their mentors in a timely manner.

• Review class lists and work with their high school liaison to communicate any and all changes to M State.

• Submit grades at the end of the term.

• Stay in compliance with FERPA.

• Attend annual professional development (Concurrent Enrollment Day).

• Participate in M State's concurrent enrollment electronic surveys.

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