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Concurrent Enrollment Timeline

FALL Semester


SPRING Semester Preparation

The assessment process begins.

December 1

October 15

Grading packets sent to high school for teachers to submit final grades.

January 1

May 1

Email sent to high school counselors asking for proposed course offerings.

March 1

October 1

Final semester grades are due.

February 10

June 5

Deadline for counselors to send back course confirmations.

March 31

October 31

Priority deadline for assessment completion.

Registration forms emailed to counselors.

April 30

May 1

November 30

December 1

Deadline for counselors to return completed registration packets.

May 31

December 15

Class lists and library cards are mailed to high school counselors.

August 15

January 15


2018-19 Drop and Withdraw

A student must drop a class within the first seven (7) days of a semester to avoid receiving a "W" (withdraw) on their permanent transcript. No entry will be made on the student's academic record if a course is dropped within the first seven days of a semester.

Students also have the first seven (7) days of a semester to add a concurrent course.

A student must withdraw from a course no later than the date on which 80 percent of the days in the academic semester have elapsed. A full-semester course dropped after five business days and before 80 percent of the semester has elapsed will appear on the student's record as a withdraw. "W" grades are not calculated into a student's GPA but will impact a student's percentage of completion/academic progress. Should the student withdraw after 80 percent of the course has elapsed, a letter grade "F" will appear on the student's permanent transcript.

Fall Withdraw Deadline

Spring Withdraw Deadline

Trimester Courses

Tri 1- Nov. 2

Tri 2 - Feb. 1

Tri 3 - May 2

Semester Courses

December 6

April 25

Year Long Courses

March 7

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