2013 Portfolio Document and Link Repository

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2013 System Portfolio Document Repository

Minnesota State Community and Technical College has many documents and appendices which illustrate and support our continuous improvement efforts. This repository includes a home for those documents included as links in our 2013 systems portfolio.

The guidelines for the 2017 systems portfolio did not include links to external documents or document repositories. In 2020, the College will move to using an online system, called the Assurance System, to submit its portfolio.


Category One - Helping Students Learn

Helping Students Learn focuses on the design, deployment and effectiveness of teaching-learning processes that underlie our organization's credit and non-credit programs and courses and on the processes required to support them.

1P1 MnSCU Board Policy on Academic Requirements

1P1 College Catalog

1P3 MnSCU New Program Approval Process and Requirements

1P4 Credit for Prior Learning Policy

1P4 Transfer of Credit Policy

1P4 MnSCU Handbook for Program Advisory Committees

1P6 Course Outlines

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Category Four - Valuing People

Valuing People explores M State's commitment to the development of our faculty, staff and administrators.

4P10 M State Employee Evaluation Policy


Category Five - Leading and Communicating

This category addresses how leadership and communication processes, structures and networks guide the organization in setting directions, making decisions, seeking future opportunities and communicating decisions and actions to internal and external stakeholders.

5I1 AQIP Newsletter

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Category Six - Supporting Institutional Operations

This category addresses how the organizational support processes help to provide an environment in which learning can thrive.


Category Seven - Measuring Effectiveness

This category examines how the organization collects, analyzes, distributes and uses data, information and knowledge to manage itself and to drive performance improvement.


Category Eight - Planning Continuous Improvement

This category examines the organization's planning processes and how the strategies and action plans help achieve the mission and vision.


Category Nine - Measuring Effectiveness

Building Collaborative Relationships examines our organization's relationships - current and potential - to analyze how they contribute to the organization's accomplishing its mission.

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