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Warren Olsen, Art Curator at M State - Fergus Falls

Warren Olsen, Art Curator at M State - Fergus Falls


The Permanent Art Collection

At Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Fergus Falls, a visitor will encounter much art, all a part of the college's growing collection. Begun in the 1960s under the inspiration of Charles Beck (a faculty member from 1960-1987), the collection now includes almost 400 items, including sculpture, paintings, wood turnings, weaving, drawings, wall carvings and ceramics. These works may be seen and experienced everywhere at the college, accessible to visitors, students and staff. This open display has become a significant part of the college's identity. It is not just a matter of preferring some form of adornment to bare brick and concrete block walls. It is not a matter of decor: It is, at once, a way of encouraging aesthetic sensibility as well as being a testimony to the reality and mystery of human creativity.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Charles Beck Gallery is the site of six or seven temporary exhibits of work by guest artists each school year. Through the permanent collection and the regularly scheduled art shows, we hope to benefit the college community and the other diverse communities of our region. Not least, we hope to encourage and support young and emerging artists. Both the collection and shows are integrated with the visual arts curriculum at the college.

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