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High School Partners Program

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Scholarships Awarded to 23 Partner High School Students

March 30, 2018

M State has announced the 23 recipients of the first round of Workforce Development Scholarships for graduating seniors from M State's High School Partners. The awards target students enrolling in programs related to advanced manufacturing, agriculture, health care services and information technology.


M State Launches High School Partners Program

During the summer of 2017, M State Vice President of Student Development Services Peter Wielinski and K12 Collaboration Manager Megan Adamczyk met with superintendents and principals at 18 high schools in west central Minnesota to discuss opportunities to partner in telling the stories of student success experienced at the high schools and at M State, and to identify opportunities to strengthen the college preparedness and readiness of regional high school graduates.

M State's vision is "a success story for every student and stakeholder," and 16 of the 18 regional high schools approached signed on to become the founding members of the M State High School Partners program.

Each of the 16 high schools in the initial cohort of this program is defining the specific opportunities they see in this partnership to improve student success, and early discussions have focused on a wide range of possibilities including data sharing, career exploration activities, financial aid workshops, campus visits, parent orientations.

The M State region is host to some of the finest high schools in the state. We're proud to partner with the 16 high schools depicted in the following pages, excited to work more closely with their teams and pleased to be able to share the successes experienced by graduates from our partner high schools as they continue their studies at M State!

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