Residence Halls

About Housing Terms and Fees

Housing On Off Campus

In all cases, the stated housing fee covers the academic term dates found in the academic calendar.

Sometimes student residents need to arrive before term starts or leave after the term ends. This is an off-contract stay. In these cases, a reduced daily rate is charged in addition to the academic term housing fee. Click here to see 2019-2020 daily fees charged when not "on contract."

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College Manor

College manor floorplan

College Manor offers students a community lounge and computer lab. Students who reside in College Manor have a longer distance to travel to campus, but they are still close enough to walk, although it is a less comfortable walk during winter months. College Manor apartments are close to city amenities in Fergus Falls.

Each of the 22 apartments has a kitchen, living/dining space, four (4) single occupancy rooms, and two shared bathrooms.

There are two laundry rooms in College Manor that are free and available for student use.

Housing Fee

  • $1900 per term single room with shared bathroom

Williams Hillside Village

Williams Hillside Village floorplan

Williams Hillside Village consists of four (4) 4-plexes. Each apartment has three bedrooms, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. There are two (2) single occupancy rooms with a shared bath, and one (1) single occupancy room with a private bath.

The units are a short walk from the main campus building and provide students with quick access to campus for classes and activities. There are two laundry rooms in Williams Hillside that are free and available for student use.

Housing Fee

  • $2100 per term (Single room shared bath)
  • $2600 per term (Single room private bath)

Meal Plan

Meal Plan Infographic

Each term (fall and spring), all residents of M State housing are required to purchase a $900 declining balance meal plan to be used in the campus cafeteria.

Fall term unused balance rolls over from fall to spring. Spring term unused balance is forfeited to the food service contractor.

The cafeteria is not open on weekends, when campus is closed, or when there are no scheduled classes. Students will need to supplement their cafeteria meals program with meals they prepare in their apartments.

Room Inventory & Condition Report

Complete the Room Inventory and Condition Report form as you walk around during your move-in. You must submit the Condition Report within three days of moving in to remain compliant with your housing contract. Take your time, and be thorough.

Previous resident and staff forms will be compared to the one you complete upon move in. If there is damage to College property beyond what is considered normal wear and tear, and that damage was not documented in your move in report nor is it found on any other report, then appropriate repair or replacement fees may be billed to your student account upon check out.

Missing Person Policy & Registration Form

This policy establishes procedures for M State's response to reports of missing residents, as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. For the purposes of this policy, a resident may be considered a missing person if the resident's absence is suspiciously different from their usual pattern of behavior or unusual circumstances may have caused the absence. Visit Missing Person Policy to review the policy, and to complete your emergency contact registration form.