Business Administration

Certificate - 30 credits

About this program
This one-year certificate in Business Administration is designed for the student who wants to prepare for an introductory-level position in the business world. This will give students the opportunity to explore the field of business through select courses.
Program outcomes
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of concepts, tools and applications of finance and investment.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of information system theory, software and hardware.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to prepare financial statements.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of business fundamentals.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of basic office management.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
30 Required courses
30 Total

Certificate in Business Administration - Certificate

Required Courses:

Subj. Number Course Credits
ACCT1108 ACCT1108 - Business Math and Calculators 3
ACCT2211 ACCT2211 - Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT2212 ACCT2212 - Financial Accounting II 3
ACCT2215 ACCT2215 - Computerized Acct App 3
ACCT2255 ACCT2255 - Income Tax-Individual 3
BUS1120 BUS1120 - Spreadsheet & Database Concepts 3
BUS1141 BUS1141 - Introduction to Business 3
BUS1143 BUS1143 - Office Procedures 3
BUS1146 BUS1146 - Personal Finance 3
CSCI1155 CSCI1155 - Computer Utilization in Business & Society 3