Administrative Office Assistant-Human Resources

Certificate - 18 credits

About this program
This program is designed to provide the basics of human resource functions and services to individuals who are interested in working in entry-level administrative support positions with a human resources emphasis.This certificate will provide a basic understanding of the professional skills and language/vocabulary needed to perform duties in this role. This certificate may be stacked with other courses and certificates to obtain a diploma or AAS degree.
Program outcomes
  1. Apply the principles of grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, proofreading, editing and formatting.
  2. Demonstrate accurate and proficient computer skills using a variety of computer applications.
  3. Understand and apply applicable federal, state and local employment regulations and recordkeeping requirements to human resource functions.
  4. Demonstrate and apply effective interpersonal communication skills used in the human resources area.
  5. Compose and create business correspondence utilizing approprate communication formats.
In Minnesota and nationally, a large number of job openings exist for experienced secretaries. Temporary or part-time work is available during peak business periods. Demand for secretaries will be stimulated by the increasing use of information and the trend of secretaries handle more administrative responsibilities such as budgeting, scheduling, and office management, which are not easily automated.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
6 Required courses
12 Restricted electives in courses
18 Total

First Semester

Required Courses:

Course Credits
ADMS1110 - Word Processing 3
ADMS1116 - Business Communications I 3

3 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
ADMS1120 - Administrative Office Procedures 3
ADMS1130 - Office Software Applications 3

9 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
HRES1122 - Human Resource Management 3
HRES1126 - Talent Acquisition 3
HRES1134 - Training and Development 3
HRES2204 - Policy Administration 3
HRES2224 - Employee/Labor Relations 3