Business: Marketing and Sales

Diploma - 33 credits

About this program
This program prepares students to enter sales and marketing careers. Positions are available in marketing, merchandising, selling, retailing and service businesses. This major includes courses in computer technology, selling strategies, customer service, telemarketing, and retailing and marketing concepts.
Program outcomes
  1. Select and apply technology to meet business objectives.
  2. Apply fundamental sales techniques.
  3. Apply fundamental marketing techniques.
  4. Apply retailing skills.
  5. Demonstrate professionalism in a business environment.
  6. Demonstrate interpersonal skills.
  7. Apply mathematical processes.
A career in Sales and Marketing offers many opportunities. The number of positions is growing and every industry needs capable sales employees. Individuals may start as a management trainee, assistant manager, customer service representative, sales associate, route salesperson, independent sales representative, or account executive.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
24 Required courses
6 Restricted electives in courses
3 Restricted electives in MnTC Goal Areas
33 Total

Business: Marketing and Sales

Required Courses:

Course Credits
ACCT1108 - Business Math 3
BUS2204 - Principles of Management 3
BUS2206 - Principles of Marketing 3
MKTG1106 - Professional Selling 3
MKTG1114 - Customer Experience 3
MKTG2000 - Integrated Marketing Communications 3
MKTG2204 - Advanced Professional Selling 3
MKTG2225 - Omni-Channel Retailing 3

3 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
CPTR1104 - Introduction to Computer Technology 3
CSCI1155 - Computer Utilization in Business & Society 3
MKTG2234 - Computer Marketing Applications 3

3 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
ENTR1400 - Opportunity Analysis 3
MKTG2230 - Marketing Research 3

3 credits from these goal areas:

Goal Area
1. Communication