Medical Assistant

Diploma - 37 credits

About this program
Medical assistants are multi-skilled health professionals educated for both administrative and clinical duties within clinics, physicians' offices and other health care organizations. The program requires mastery of knowledge and skills to positively affect patient care. The program culminates with a 225-hour clinical experience under the direct supervision of a physician.
Program outcomes
  1. Model professional behaviors.
  2. Communicate and interact with patients, families and health care teams of diverse backgrounds.
  3. Participate as a member of a health care team.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and skill of clinical procedures and medication administration utilizing critical thinking skills.
  5. Prepare students to perform within the ethical and legal boundaries of the medical assistant's scope of practice.
  6. Demonstrate computer literacy skills through electronic health records.
  7. Apply health care administration techniques to deliver a quality patient experience.
  8. Apply medical laboratory techniques to collect specimens, perform testing and interpret lab results.
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