Cosmetology (North Dakota)

Certificate - 9 credits

About this program
This program provides the student with the 250 additional hours and educational requirements needed to satisfy the North Dakota cosmetology licensure guidelines. Students must have completed 1550 hours for licensure in Minnesota or already have a current license and have worked in Minnesota less than 3000 hours.
Program outcomes
  1. Conduct a professional client consultation.
  2. Consult with clients to determine services and proper procedures to be performed.
  3. Select correct products for hair, skin and nail services.
  4. Perform services to skill certification standards.
  5. Follow correct safety and sanitation practices and procedures as required by North Dakota laws and rules.
  6. Describe the basic structure of the hair, skin and nails.
  7. Perform procedures in an accurate and timely manner.
  8. Identify disorders and diseases as they relate to the hair, scalp, skin and nails.
  9. List the qualifications of the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology members.
  10. Discuss universal precautions and the responsibilities of a salon professional.
  11. List the requirements to obtain a North Dakota cosmetology license.
  12. Explain the differences between a manicurist and master manicurist license.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
2 Required courses
2 Total

North Dakota Licensure - Certificate

Required Courses:

Course Credits
cosm1153 - North Dakota Laws and Rules 1
COSM1200 - Salon Practicum 1

PDF downloads:

2nd Fall Term - 9 credits

Course Credits
cosm1153 - North Dakota Laws and Rules 1
COSM1200 - Salon Practicum 1