Business Entrepreneurship

Diploma - 33 credits

About this program
The primary purpose of this program is to prepare students for management or ownership of a small business. The program not only will prepare students for business management but also enable them to better manage their own personal affairs. It especially will help individuals who may have some of the skills and competencies needed but lack the organization and understanding of business management that is necessary to be successful. Upon completing the classroom work, students will be assisted in finding jobs with business firms offering employment suited to their individual career objectives or in starting their own businesses. This program will help students cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit: that is, a strong desire to be their own boss and a willingness to expend above-average time and energy toward goal accomplishment.
Program outcomes
  1. Integrate technological applications to meet business objectives.
  2. Select effective communication methods in a business situation.
  3. Demonstrate professionalism in a business environment.
  4. Apply fundamental sales techniques.
  5. Apply fundamental marketing techniques.
  6. Create a business plan.
  7. Demonstrate management skills.
  8. Select leadership style based on maturity level of employees.
  9. Evaluate financial statements.
  10. Apply critical thinking skills.
Self employment, small businesses or management positions. The following illustrates the diversity of businesses our graduates own or manage: computer software business, ski lodge, chamber of commerce management, lumber yard, greenhouse/nursery, convenience store, carpet/linoleum, sanitation service, auto wrecking, construction, window sales, plumbing and heating, recreational vehicles, bulk oil distribution, painting, bowling ally, and cross country trucking.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
30 Required courses
3 Restricted electives in course types
33 Total

Business Entrepreneurship - Diploma

Required Courses:

Course Credits
ACCT1108 - Business Math 3
ACCT1124 - Spreadsheet Applications 3
ACCT2211 - Financial Accounting I 3
BUS2204 - Principles of Management 3
BUS2206 - Principles of Marketing 3
CPTR1104 - Introduction to Computer Technology 3
ENTR1400 - Opportunity Analysis 3
ENTR2200 - Entrepreneurial Field Studies 3
ENTR2222 - Business Plan Development 3
MKTG1114 - Customer Experience 3

3 credits from these course types:

Course Type
General Education w/MnTC Goals