MKTG2234 - Computer Marketing Applications

3 (2/1/0)
This course challenges students to produce computer projects using spreadsheets, databases, graphics and word processing. The emphasis is on documents produced by marketing departments and marketing firms. The student plan, creates, prints and evaluates projects individually and with a team.
  1. Use time management, organization skills, and follow instructions.
  2. Plan, create, evaluate, revise, and print various marketing documents.
  3. Describe marketing firm's spreadsheet and database applications.
  4. Develop file management system.
  5. Determine necessary information arrangement and goals.
  6. Create original marketing communication documents.
  7. Evaluate effectiveness of marketing documents using marketing standards.
  8. Create original database company lists and query to meet specific objectives.
  9. Prepare sales report and chart to represent requested information.
  10. Document and update grades spreadsheet.
  11. Utilize spreadsheet to document payroll and statements.
  12. Utilize output for analysis and decision making.
  13. Conduct internet marketing research and present findings as a team.
  14. Evaluate all projects to meet goals according to set standards.
Degrees that use this course

Business: Marketing and Sales