MKTG1114 - Customer Experience

3 (3/0/0)
Customer-focused, data-driven service strategies are vital to managing, retaining and growing customer relationships. This course will focus on the importance of personalized service, meeting customer needs, problem resolution and service recovery. Organizations with a higher quality customer experience (CX) are enjoying fierce brand loyalty, which is crucial to sustain competitive advantages.
  1. Explain why good service matters in a digital economy.
  2. Review effective communication practices across multiple business channels.
  3. Analyze the impact customer behaviors, mindsets and emotional motivation have on buying decisions.
  4. Identify the stages of the customer lifecycle and the significance in management and marketing decisions.
  5. Review customer relationship management programs and examine how businesses use this data.
  6. Understand value-added strategies and the effect on business goals.
  7. Explore methods for gathering and analyzing data through customer journey mapping.
  8. Review the CX process and associated metrics, and understand how the results may impact strategic direction.
  9. Create surveys to measure insight.
  10. Evaluate omni-channel experiences via mobile applications, social media and the web.
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