ENTR1100 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

3 (3/0/0)
This course is designed to introduce students to the entrepreneurial process from conception to birth of a new venture. Students will examine elements in the entrepreneurial process - personal, sociological and environmental - that give birth to a new enterprise. Critical factors for starting a new enterprise such as alternative career prospects, family, friends, role models, the state of the economy and the availability of resources will be explored. Students will be introduced to practical tools they can use to further their careers in business, both in entrepreneurship and in more traditional company environments. This course simulates the experiences that entrepreneurs undergo in conceiving, launching and operating new businesses. The course enables students to evaluate an entrepreneurial career for themselves. In doing so, it provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a framework for selecting, funding and starting their own new ventures.
  1. Understand the characteristics of an entrepreneur.
  2. Understand the economic and social impact of entrepreneurial organizations.
  3. Critically evaluate business models.
  4. Perform a feasibility analysis.
  5. Recognize the effects of decisions on others.
  6. Apply new knowledge and innovative ideas to complex situations.
  7. Practice techniques for generating ideas.
  8. Compare and contrast various funding sources.
  9. Explain firm sustainability and growth.
  10. Analyze business ownership forms and licensing requirements.
Degrees that use this course

Business: Management, Marketing and Sales

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)