CSEC2212 - Web Security

3 (2/1/0)
This course will give students hands-on training in securing Web communications and websites. Students will learn the common vulnerabilities of websites, implementing e-business security policies, identifying security threats, developing countermeasures and managing the deployment of security solutions.
  1. Investigate current web technologies.
  2. Apply current web browser security best practices.
  3. Create web site virtual servers and directories.
  4. Manage web folders.
  5. Implement secure web communications with SSL.
  6. Troubleshoot web client connectivity.
  7. Implement effective logging.
  8. Employ web site authentication.
  9. Implement FTP server to current standards.
  10. Apply current best practices to secure an IIS server.
  11. Apply current best practices to secure an Apache server.
  12. Install IIS following current best practices.
  13. Install Apache web server following current best practices.
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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)