CPTR1170 - Web Engineering I

3 (2/1/0)
This course is an introduction to programming and maintaining professional Web pages for the business environment. Topics will include page design, authoring tools, accessibility issues and Web page and website development. Focus will be given to client-side programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript, Web server software, Web server maintenance and Internet protocols.
  1. Describe components of an URL.
  2. Describe the process of obtaining an Internet domain address.
  3. Describe the need for, and legal requirements of, Web site policies.
  4. Describe layouts, structure, design principles, and considerations for well-designed Web sites.
  5. Evaluate Web sites using principles of good format, structure, design, and programming practices.
  6. Install and configure Web page programming tools.
  7. Use current Web programming languages to create and maintain a Web page.
  8. Incorporate an e-mail link on a Web page.
  9. Incorporate internal and external hypertext links on a Web page.
  10. Incorporate tables on a Web page.
  11. Incorporate forms on a Web page.
  12. Create client-side scripting code to handle error checking in Web forms.
  13. Describe the security concerns of Web server administrators.
  14. Configure Web server software.
  15. Compare Web server operating systems and software.
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