CIVL2246 - Introduction to Hydrology

3 (3/0/0)
This course will include introduction to hydraulic principles, hydrology, pipe and open channel flow, watershed analysis and storm water regulations.
  1. Delineate watersheds based on available topographic data.
  2. Determine proper culvert sizing based on watershed data.
  3. Calculate watershed basin quantities including drainage area, surface area and volume.
  4. Compute runoff curve number and time of concentration for watershed analyses.
  5. Evaluate existing storm water drainage systems for capacity analyses.
  6. Determine project compliance with federal, state and local erosion control requirements.
  7. Survey potential sites to determine watershed boundaries.
  8. Create topographical maps showing watershed information.
  9. Determine basic storm water detention pond sizing.
  10. Lay out a plan view for a storm water collection system.
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