CIVL2238 - CADD III: Project Design

3 (2/1/0)
This course will focus on the application of civil design computer-aided drafting software for the completion of a project, where students apply principles of civil engineering drawing.
  1. Create a project using an existing topographic map as a starting template.
  2. Draw and define street centerline alignments.
  3. Create a digital terrain surface model.
  4. Create ground profiles.
  5. Design grade vertical alignments.
  6. Create and edit ground cross-sections.
  7. Draw and define a series of urban templates.
  8. Apply templates to obtain finished grade cross-sections.
  9. Create cross-section sheets.
  10. Create a sheet style for plotting plan and profile sheets.
  11. Set up and generate a sheet series.
  12. Complete the plan set project.
Degrees that use this course

Civil Engineering Technology

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)