ADMS2240 - Administrative Office Professional Internship II

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This course provides office support experience for students in their last semester of the ADMS AAS program. Each internship is individualized, and a training plan is created with each training site, providing students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a business setting. The internship experience will demonstrate that students will be better-prepared for positions above the entry level through the higher-level skills, roles and responsibilities learned in the AAS degree program,
  • per instructor's approval
  1. Practice and apply critical workplace skills to include personal responsibility, initiative, dependability and punctuality.
  2. Develop and apply effective work habits regarding customer service, time management, organization and commitment to company.
  3. Demonstrate and apply professional interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  4. Interpret and assume more responsibility to follow and implement oral and written instructions as given.
  5. Evaluate and select appropriate mode of delivery and venue to communication effectively.
  6. Adapt and implement professional business etiquette, ethics, confidentiality, attitudes and demeanors as required in business settings.
  7. Integrate proper telephone and office procedure techniques to disseminate information effectively.
  8. Produce advanced business documents by using decision-making skills to select correct technology to enhance efficiency and proficiency.
  9. Critique documents by revising, editing and proofreading for readability and accuracy.
  10. Investigate opportunities to work both independently and within teams to show critical thinking and problem solving abilities.
  11. Request to take on and assume additional roles and responsibilities that are available.
  12. Build on professional development plan from professional opportunities offered at internship.
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