American History 19th Century

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Meets MnTC Goal Areas 5 and 7. This is the second course in an American history sequence. The course content is America's 19th century, defined as the 1780s to 1877. Consideration is given to the Constitution of 1787, the Washington administration, Jeffersonian policies, the War of 1812, the slavery controversy, the Civil War and Reconstruction.
  1. Explain the fundamental conepts of the Constitution of 1787.
  2. Identify the major policies of Washington's administration.
  3. Summarize the major steps in America's expansion westward.
  4. Describe the treatment of non-whites during the ante-bellum period.
  5. Identify key components of ante-bellum American culture.
  6. Explain key 19th century presidential elections.
  7. Contrast the North and the South during the Sectional Crisis.
  8. Summarize key events of the Civil War.
  9. Describe the events of America's reconstruction.
Goal Areas
5. History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences
7. Human Diversity
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